Medeski, Martin, & Wood


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Medeski Martin And Wood are a musical chameleon who have nimbly darted between rock, jazz, avant garde, funk, soul and more for over twenty years. Learn more here.

Artwork by Mandy Newham.

3 comments to Medeski, Martin, & Wood

  • Awesome stuff. The “learn more here” link is broken.

  • Eric Berger

    Thought this was great. First time listening to the Podcast, and if I can make a suggestion, it’s nice for the listener to know who is talking, so identifying the band members, at least at the start, could be good.

  • Greeting from HK :-)Thanks so much for the post. I like 鳳凰女 and 鄧碧雲 so much. They are simply veilatrse artists. I love the acting of 鳳凰女 in 各位觀眾鳳凰女小姐 . Wondering if I could watch it again! A lot of childhood memories :-)Alle

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